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Blygold Exhibiting TECH SHOW

Redefining Data Centres: Sustainability, Resiliency, and Tech Innovation

Take a macro view of the data centre industry, considering the impact of future tech, climate action, and geopolitics on global data centre strategies.

Explore the emerging trends and best practices from across the globe, including net-zero commitments, decarbonising efforts, and AI-driven operations.

Delegates will consider the role of hyperscalers, the intersection of edge and cloud technologies, and exciting future possibilities like off-land data centres.

We will also tackle how to remain resilient in the face of world events like Brexit or geopolitical conflicts that impact data centre operation and management.

Efficiency, Cost Management and DCIM

Illuminate the path towards sustainable, cost-efficient data centre operation without compromising performance.

This theme shines a light on the critical balance between resource efficiency and the ever-growing demand for data centre resources.

Take a look at the innovative solutions for waste management, effective cost reduction strategies, and circular economies.

Acknowledging that cooling systems account for nearly 40% of total data centre energy consumption, delegates will explore the latest innovations in cooling and ventilation.

The advantages and broader implications of Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) will also be explored.

The Pillars of Data Centre Resilience: Security and Continuity

In an industry where downtime is detrimental, this theme focuses on risk management, prevention, and security in data centre facilities and equipment.

Delegates will explore the innovations in design, strategies for managing physical and cyber threats, and best practices for failure response.

Learn about cutting-edge physical security measures and methods to protect data centres from various threats, ensuring business continuity and resilience.

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