Sustainability. Innovation. Quality.

The three pillars of Blygold for the past 40 years have been sustainability, innovation and quality.

Blychem Building 1973 Where it all started

Our History

It all started on a business trip to the US in the 1970’s. Rijk Bleijenberg, Blygold’s founder, discovered a groundbreaking chemical cleaning method for cooling devices. Subsequently, in 1976, he established his own company, initially named BlyChem (Bleijenberg Chemicals), introducing these innovative methods for the first time in the Netherlands.

Over the years, the escalating demand for corrosion protection on HVAC equipment’s heat exchangers surged significantly. To address this, a unique new product, Blygold Plus, was ingeniously developed. This product, aptly named for its golden hue, marked the inception of the Blygold brand.

Leading organizations like KLM, Shell, Philips, and Schiphol Airport were among the initial beneficiaries of this innovative treatment. Today, its success extends worldwide, culminating in the establishment of Blygold International in 1996.

A foundational component of the company, Blygold UK has been operational in the UK since 1999.

Blygold UK Head Office Amersham 2024

Our Vision

Our objective is to differentiate ourselves from competitors by maintaining a competitive edge. Rather than merely imitating, we prioritise innovation and novel solutions. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge and effective products that align with evolving market needs. These solutions meet the demand for sustainability, and measures to extend HVAC equipment lifespan, save energy, and prevent corrosion. We place utmost importance on continually investing in market and product research, product development, as well as global marketing and sales efforts.

Our Mission Statement: Focused on Sustainability, Innovation and Quality

We aim to be the global market leader in the development and application of high-quality and durable corrosion protection, energy-saving, and lifetime-extending products and services for the HVAC industry.

We will invest in innovation, knowledge, and product development, as well as the growth of a global network of dedicated, trained, and professional Blygold franchises.

By using local knowledge of the markets, cultures, and opportunities, we will build a global brand recognised and acknowledged for high quality, sustainability, and innovative solutions.

Blygold is an innovative and forward-thinking company offering unique and sustainable high-quality protection against corrosion. With over 40 years’ experience, we have the know-how and state-of-the-art products and techniques to solve any corrosion problem in the HVAC business. Our multitude of success stories says it all. We are committed to our core values: Quality, Innovation, and Sustainability.


Leveraging over 40 years of experience and expertise, Blygold stands as the premier provider of top-tier corrosion protection for HVAC equipment. Collaborating with a worldwide network of skilled and licensed applicators ensures consistent, high-quality applications globally. Our Global Quality Standard, rigorously tested products, and specialised application techniques collectively deliver unparalleled corrosion protection solutions.

Blygold Sustainability, Innovation, Quality Icons including ISO 9001 Certified, 11,000 hour spray test to ASTM B117, triples the lifetime of equipment and 30% energy savings


Maintaining our position as the market leader since 1976 is attributed to continuous R&D efforts and a profound grasp of market dynamics, challenges, and needs. Our global network of local Blygold applicators ensures awareness of worldwide trends at a grassroots level. With extensive expertise in products, markets, and client needs, we exhibit a flexible and solution-oriented mindset to consistently innovate products, services, and solutions aligned with global trends.

Blygold Sustainability, Innovation, Quality Icons showing In-house Laboratory


Blygold prioritises services and products providing sustainable solutions for our clients’ challenges. Besides causing economic harm, corrosion impacts health, safety, and the environment. Blygold’s offerings prolong the economic lifespan of your equipment while maintaining efficiency. Our solutions emphasise extending lifespan, saving energy, and reducing costs for your HVAC equipment.

Blygold Sustainability, Innovation, Quality Icons showing 100% renewal energy generated for production, Clean Shipping for distribution, and Corporate Responsibility.

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Blygold is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company