On-site Deep Cleaning, Refurbishment & Rejuvenation

On-site HVAC Refurbishment and Rejuvenation

A significant aspect of our service portfolio involves on-site HVAC Refurbishment and Rejuvenation. Blygold specializes in renovating air handling units and cooling towers. The replacement of these units can result in substantial costs, which Blygold can help mitigate. Additionally, with a specialized refurbishment concept, Blygold offers significantly lower costs compared to replacement. Moreover, through the development of our own products and methods, Blygold has streamlined the renovating process, providing tailored solutions to your needs. On-site refurbishment requires experienced technicians capable of adapting to local conditions and customer requirements. The Blygold refurbishment program prioritizes utmost quality. Our mission is to swiftly restore your units to optimal condition without incurring excessive costs. Furthermore, we offer our services throughout the UK and are available seven days a week to minimize downtime.

Our process commences with a customer request. Furthermore, we can provide an on-site survey and report, complete with photographs and recommendations. Once we receive the go-ahead to start, we will deep clean all the units using a neutral cleaning solution. At this stage, we will flag up any concerns observed. Critical components are then masked. Subsequently, the units undergo a two-coating process of the Blygold protective coating. After curing, the units are photographed, and a report is provided to the customer.

We also offer annual inspections of protected equipment. This involves an on-site survey and report, deep cleaning of the unit and a top-up if required.

Experience Matters

  • Rejuvenation with minimal inconvenience
  • Optimization of existing equipment
  • Add on to standard maintenance
  • Simplifies afterwards maintenance
  • Lifetime extension up to 15 years!
  • Usually less than 35% of replacement costs

Blygold has a wide range of products and application formulas for the coating of casing, cabinet, flooring and piping. Please contact us for more information on the solutions we offer.

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Blygold is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company