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Tube Sheet & Waterbox Cladding is a growing part of our business. Blygold guarantees complete protection against corrosion of tube sheets and waterbox cladding through its innovative products and applications. Tube sheets and water boxes often endure severe corrosion due to their construction with dissimilar metals and exposure to corrosive water. The pitting corrosion around the tubes can quickly lead to leakages. Additionally, corrosion of baffle plates and water boxes can result in premature replacements and significant capacity loss. Merely applying a coating is insufficient to prevent this, given the complexity of the construction. Hence, Blygold employs a special procedure to ensure that the coating system effectively safeguards the valuable equipment for years to come.

Blygold stands out as the top choice for corrosion resistance. It effectively shields tube sheets and water boxes from leakages, thus averting premature replacements. By applying a smooth and resistant coating, it seals off the equipment from corrosive environments. Additionally, the special pre-treatment ensures perfect adhesion and smooth surfaces while preventing pressure drop. This provides an added layer of protection. Moreover, the dust-free blasting and low VOC coating make the treatment suitable for both factory and on-site applications.

Great for you

– Prevents corrosion on tube sheet and waterbox
– Employs unique products and application techniques
– Seals off dissimilar metals effectively
– Exhibits high chemical and mechanical resistance
– Serves as a preventive measure on new equipment
– Offers corrective rebuilding of affected surfaces


Blygold has developed various ceramic products designed for application on water-cooled heat exchangers. These products serve to safeguard both new equipment and to refurbish and rejuvenate operational units.

The Blygold tube sheet coating formula involves an intricate eight-step coating program. However, this process can solely be executed by an approved Blygold applicator trained to perform the procedure. It is not available for sale in the open market. This practice upholds the Blygold Global Quality Standard and guarantees the delivery of first-class quality products.

Download our sheet on Pitting Corrosion Protection for HVAC Tube Sheet & Waterbox Cladding, below.

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Blygold is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company