Blygold CasingGuard Cabinet and Casing Corrosion Protection

Cabinet and Casing Corrosion Protection

Cabinet and casing corrosion protection is often overlooked but is key for the integrity of the unit. Blygold provides an extensive range of HVAC coatings tailored for both the interior and exterior of HVAC equipment. Coatings may be necessary for various components such as cooling towers, air handling units, indoor and outdoor air conditioning units, and piping. This need may arise for aesthetic enhancement or protection in highly corrosive environments. Blygold offers products suitable for every scenario, including one, two, or three-layer coating formulas capable of safeguarding equipment up to Class C5-M standards. These coatings complement standard OEM coating systems seamlessly.

Blygold’s coating techniques and procedures ensure comprehensive protection of all vulnerable surfaces, including cutting edges, screws and bolts, tubing, and construction parts. Moreover, these protective coatings can be applied both in the factory and on-site. For environments with the most severe exposure conditions, such as oil platforms, coastal areas, or wastewater plants, Blygold has developed the CasingGuard coating system, which boasts a proven track record.

All accessible surfaces undergo thorough pre-treatment, followed by priming with Refamac 3509 and finishing with Refamac 3800. The primer fosters excellent adhesion to OEM coatings and bare metals, while special metallic pigments form the initial corrosion-protective barrier. The finishing coating, “3800,” is specifically designed to provide coverage even on vulnerable sharp edges. Utilizing thin-layer technology, this coating creates a smooth and highly protective finish with minimal layer thickness.

Blygold Cabinet and Casing Corrosion Protection Compliant with ISO12944

To aid corrosion experts, engineers, and consultants in choosing the optimal corrosion protection option for each unique situation, ISO 12944 establishes guidelines. This international standard delineates various corrosion classes and establishes the benchmark for safeguarding steel structures through protective paint systems.

Great for you

– Provides protection up to corrosion class C5-M
– Extends the lifetime of equipment
– Suitable for casing, cabinets, supports, piping, flooring, etc.
– Meets architectural demands effectively
– Applicable in both factory and field settings


Blygold has an extensive range of products that are developed for coating the exterior of HVAC equipment. These vary in use. It can coat the cabinet of an indoor unit for architectural reasons. Or it can protect the casing of the outdoor units against corrosive environments.

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