Blygold is a corrosion protection specialist for HVAC Plant and Equipment. As a market leader in preventive corrosion protection Blygold has become a well-known and respected name in the HVAC industry. Throughout the World, Blygold applications have been specified by both manufacturers and end users in areas where harmful atmospheres exist. Blygold, known for quality, innovation and support, maintains a continuous process of development of our products and services that ensures customers see us as the perfect partner for all their corrosion problems.

Blygold treatments can be found on plant in offices, hospitals, offshore, power plants, transport and commercial buildings. In the process industry Blygold applies product to tube sheets and a high temperature coating to heating elements. Through its unique application methods Blygold is capable of applying these treatments on location as well as in our workshops. This not only makes us the perfect partner for preventive measures, but also for maintenance and refurbishments that have to be performed on site..