Finned Tube Coating

Finned tube heat exchangers are often the first choice in power plants, offshore rigs and heavy industries. This type of finned tube bundles are known for the high quality but sometimes need extra protection in corrosive environments. To seal of the vulnerable metals from corrosive elements Blygold developed special application procedures and coatings for these spiral tubes bundles.

Coatings can be applied to L-foot, embedded and extruded fin tubes. Finned tubes can be coated before bundle assembly but also already assembled bundles can be protected due to special Blygold spray procedures that ensure full coverage even in the middle of these thick and complex elements.

All Blygold coating treatments have been tested for effect on heat transfer and pressure drop, corrosion and chemical resistance. Customers are assured that coated bundles will be ready for long lasting performance . Even for heat recovery coils in hot exhaust gasses Blygold is able to provide a solution to protect aluminium against the harsh conditions.

Our most coveted product is PoluAl XT: an aluminium pigmented polyurethane coating developed for the protection of air-cooled heat exchangers. The product meets all the necessary requirements for the coating Finned Tube heat exchangers. PoluAl XT stands apart from the rest. It has an excellent chemical and UV resistance. It offers flexibility, excellent adhesion with negligible effect on the heat transfer. Plus it can be applied in a very thin layer, to prevent pressure drop.

Blygold PoluAl High Temp is a heat conducting, corrosion prohibitive coating that is able to protect metals from rapid deterioration in extreme conditions and to withstand temperatures up to 650°C (1202°F). Blygold PoluAl High Temp will prevent capacity loss and premature deterioration of the heat exchanger. Applied by qualified Blygold applicators, this protection system will ensure energy recovery and optimal performance.

Great for you

  • High chemical resistance
  • Heat resistant up to 650°C (1202°F)
  • Triples the life time
  • Negligible pressure drop
  • Factory and field operation
  • Heat conductive corrosion protection

All Blygold products are uniquely tailor-made to cater for the individual needs of the client. Blygold prides itself on producing energy-efficient and cost-effective products for the current corrosion protection market today.