Cooling towers and air handling units are continuously exposed to pollution, corrosion and contamination. In time all installations will suffer from these exposures which will result into: The installation becoming a source of microbiological contamination, early deteriorationIncrease of power consumption and a decrease of performance

Besides standard maintenance a thorough refurbishment is required periodically to ensure optimal performance and to prevent early replacements.

Blygold offers a complete refurbishment program that provides customers the possibility to bring HVAC equipment back to nominal performance, hygiene en life expectancy. Blygold refurbishment procedures limit the nuisance for customers to the minimum.
Blygold are experts in renovating air handling units and cooling towers. Replacement of these units is very costly and with Blygold it can be avoided. Blygold has developed a specialized refurbishment concept. Refurbishment is significantly lower in cost than replacement. By developing our own products and working methods, Blygold has made a renovating process, which can deliver a custom-made solution to your problem.